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Originally Posted by RobGR View Post

At least no one died, but just idiotic. Anyone remember that terrible story of the father with his four kids in Utah, shot himself while undoing the seatbelt, bullet hits his Femoral artery, bleeds out and dies in 15 minutes. As I recall, it was an upholstered Glock that he kept in his pant line..... sad, but for &#@% sakes, he should have known better. And on TTAG, they had the outcome of this negligent cop/father who left his service firearm in a cup holder with his two kids in the car, one child accidentally kills the other... terribly sad, but it all amounts to negligence, all easily avoidable scenarios.
The cup holder guy got his job as a cop back too.

He's on the street right now, enforcing the law.
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