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Originally Posted by SoCalDep View Post
Your offer is sincerely appreciated and though I can't attend due to family obligations, at some point I need to look into reloading.

I wouldn't worry about the previous comment, and I agree that anyone in law enforcement needs to be aware of their own policies. It is made very clear in the academy what the restrictions are regarding ammunition and since we are all big boys and girls, it's on us.
Well, when I host again, I would love to have ya. That is unfortunate for your obligations, but we will do it again and I will come here and invite any LEO that wishes to attend.

I was hoping to get Ron Solo out there today. I heard he is such a nice guy in person.

Maybe next time. Everyone had a good time today. Lots of laughing and learning and everyone went home with a better understanding of how simple it is to reload when you take it slow, or have good teachers.

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