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Originally Posted by x-007 View Post
I'm a retired LEO, but I can't find the time to attend this beneficial CALGUNS clinic where I can brush up my skills or help others that are learning. Will there be others?
There ya go. I fixed it for ya.

All FUD and downtalking removed.

AND to answer your question, Why YES there will be. I am so glad that you asked. I do not know when, but you are more then welcome to ASK to come to one in the future. With the Obummer bullet scare folks are having a tough time shooting and finding quality ammunition and now they can learn how to make their own.

Okay seriously now, please do not make any assumptions and accusations here about the intelligence of anyone in this forum. This was an invitation to a fun social event. I am sorry if you had bad luck with reloads, but a lot has changed since the 70s and I would think that most officers would check or already know based on policies that reloads are typically not allowed for duty use.

I went to work yesterday and decided that since I was carrying, that I would buy a box of Critical Defense for my .45 instead of using ANY of my reloads, even though I like to joke about the rounds that I make and even though I trust and love my reloads, I would not put my life on them just yet...

I will be sure to mention in the liability portion of the clinic that if there are ANY LEOs there that they need to check if they can use reloads on duty OR IN DUTY FIREARMS so that they do not get into any trouble. Noted and written down just because this is the first time that I expect at least 1 LEO to show up...

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