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I'm a retired LEO, and I was a reloader before, during and after my years on the police I won't be attending your clinic.

BEFORE you current LEO's start thinking that you can use your own reloads while on-duty, you had better check your department regulations. Most agencies FORBID the use of reloaded ammo when on-duty. That is because of the liability issues involved. My old department even went so far as to have a regulation against having reloads in an OFF-duty firearm, other than during range practice sessions.

If you get good at reloading, you can replicate the power/effectiveness of factory-loaded rounds at a fraction of the cost, but they will STILL be reloads, and could get you into hot water if they're not department-authorized. Keep those reloads separate from the factory stuff, no matter how purty they might be!

Lastly, reload for YOURSELF....ONLY! Yes, you may become an "expert" at reloading, you have liability insurance? Sad to say, but I don't even share my "pet" loading data with my shooting buddies because they could turn around and sue if my loading data was wrong!
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