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Default Not sure how many LEO reload, but if you want to learn how...

I am jumping the gun a bit but I wanted to extend an invitation to the next reloading clinic to LEO that want to learn to reload.

There is limited space but I think that if you watch the thread and sign up in time you should be gtg for the 16th of February.

Normally I would not come here and throw this invitation out but lets face it. Being LEO can be high stress and it is good to manage that stress and good to have hobbies. On top of that, I am sure that every LEO has 50k or more 9mm, 40, .45 shells all hoarded away in storage right? NO? Yeah I hear you, why pay $25+ for a box of 50 .45 acp when you can make them for around $10.00 a box of 50. AND, no limits on how many you make a day, no 3 box limit no nothing... By getting into reloading and buying components smartly and in bulk, you will only save yourself a LOT of money compared to if you shot store bought ammo. Oh yeah, and there are things you can do in reloading that you can not buy in stores, like load up super hot ammo, try different powders to find which combination works best for your guns, and (my favorite) develop new experimental coatings and techniques that allow you to be a celebrity in the reloading community. (okay, maybe not celeb status, but almost somewhat as popular as the fat guy in the Boba Fett outfit at comicon...). But no seriously, If anyone has been frustrated by the lack of bullets in the stores and maybe even had your shooting times impacted by not going out as much because you are afraid that you will not be able to buy more bullets, well, then reloading is for you. For the past two years I have not bought ANY store bought ammo for myself (with the exception of 22lr), but I have been able to go shooting for hours at a time with only my 45, 44, .22lr and .223... The only storebought ammo I have leftover is my 22lr, everything else I make at my bench. I can sit down and crank out about 600+ rounds of .45 acp in a few hours on my turret. If I had a progressive then it would be closer to about 500-800 per hour.

So anyways, if there are any LEO that are on the fence or not sure or just like to be the social butterflies and meet new members, then I believe that we are setting up for the 16th of February.

Location will be in Riverside near the auto center. If any of you wish to show up, please go to the above thread and get active and sign up.

Also, if any of you ARE experienced reloaders, we might be looking for one or two more volunteers to help those that are not.

These will usually last for about 5 hours or so. No mandatory stay time but it starts around 8 am...

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