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Originally Posted by kick Z tail out View Post
There needs to be a law making it illegal to write any more stupid *** anti 2A laws. More than just the 2A itself, there needs to be a dozen new laws every year against lawmakers until there are so many confusing laws that they don't even know what they're doing until they're in prison.
I agree, I think if a law gets struck down as unconstitutional the person(s) who wrote the law should be thrown in prison for some undetermined amount of time lets say 20 years and anyone who votes for that bill be thrown out of there political office and barred from running for political office at any time in the future along with a large monetary fine for violating the oath of office they took to protect the constitution. Sounds reasonable to me. The problem is there's no repercussion for writing bad laws in this state of uninformed voters who simply vote for people cause they have a (D) next to there name.
I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.
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