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For the OP. Your comment about being like frontiersmen and wanting to carry out your deer are possibly a tinge romantic. Reality is you want to find the easiest way to get your animal out b/c it's not easy nor would anyone call that fun except that means you got something.

You can apply for deer and elk starting in May or so in CA. The elk tags go to some max point people and some random point people.

What you and the other guy a few posts above need to do is get some maps of national forest and blm land and start scouting now. That can mean just learning the area and trying to find deer sign, practice trying to sneak up on them, etc.
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Giving lewdogg21 advice on hunting. Thatís like David Hogg giving advice to the NRA.
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Disagree. Been trying to teach lewdogg21 how to hunt. It's like trying to teach Steve Wonder how to see. Not sure we're ever going to get there.
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