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Originally Posted by Cana1911 View Post
I havent gone to my safety course just yet but I am planning on going within the next few weeks to get certified, I have a spot on hold for me at bass pro shops course.I know that once I pass that CA approved hunting course I can begin applying for tags. Also I know that you can hunt wild hog pretty much year round but I am not interested in that particular game animal just yet. I want to properly prepare for my first hunting experience this year by getting a tag for a deer or if possible an elk. I would like to hunt out here in our great but over bureaucrat state of california, but I just dont know of any great guides and rates for their services. Like ive stated before my ideal first time would be a back pack trip to find the game and carry it out. I would like to have my first experience to be that of the time when frontier's men explored this great and beautiful piece of earth we have access to. The three states that I would like to go to for the first time are here in California (optimal since I live in Los Angeles) the second is North Carolina and then Colorado as my final option.

My Biggest question is what would you suggest for a first time hunter to prepare and or look at before setting out on a hunt. I ask this because I have time for deer season and I would like to set up a great experience for myself and some friends who are also interested. Thank you for any and all information or suggestions recommended it means a lot from such a great community of enthusiasts. Please feel free to ask me questions or suggestions as to what im looking for or different options that are best suited for a first time hunter. I know that as time goes by, and the more knowledge is learned through experience and help from others.

Thank you all and I hope to hear from you soon!
Either put in the time finding deer before the season, pay trespass fee, pay a guide, or pay a guide and a trespass fee.

Elk tag in Ca is out of the question for many years.

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