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Originally Posted by Grumpyoldretiredcop View Post
You either don't express yourself very well or simply have a very short memory.

I retract my prior description. You come across as a butthurt as not even a legislative aide is quite this thin-skinned. Congratulations, you get the booby prize... a spot on my "Ignore" list.
Not quite sure of your intent either Sir, but frankly I don't give a hoot. As I have plenty of retired cops to communicate with. I come from a law enforcement family. Not butt hurt at all. Just read the post for what it is and don't pick the slivers of it you want to hear and ignore the intent. You jumped in this rant remember? I never called you or anyone out for that matter. Good to know that a random observation and and expressing a concern that is a possibility as some have stated, could lable someone as a little guy with a green flat top. Isn't what I said above the same as what you posted earlier?

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