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My wife and I a few years ago were buying an ice cream at an outside order, in town and one of these meth heads went off, it happened so fast, not enough time to dial 911 and I would have lost big time, the best I could do is cower and become small, 3 female mothers, two young females and myself in line, sitting ducks. This guy wanted violence but ignored the females, we got back to the car and he tried to kick my door as I drove off, had never laid eyes on the nut, nor did I say anything.

Two weeks after I saw him attacking cars with his bicycle as they crossed the crosswalk he had taken over, I think they finally rolled him up after he damaged the cars and scared a few women trying to drive around him.

Last month 5 Officers had to subdue another violent druggy, you know 60 arrests in 10 years, used non-leathel but he died, I assume speed kills, his heart finally popped.

So I guess the answer is no distance is a safe distance and I get how fixed parameters bite you in the butt.

These nuts are dangerous period, aren't City Councils the best, that pander to these nuts.
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