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I think that requiring someone to be checked out thoroughly before giving them a gun or a permit to carry is fair given some of the nutjobs out there. I'm willing to jump through the hoops and it doesn't seem like they are unreasonable. I haven't been approved yet but I would put money I will be. Frank Yezzo at the CCW unit is very reasonable and personable and I can't imagine anyone of good character
not enjoying a visit with him. I strongly urge anyone who feels the need for a CCW to apply with confidence you will be treated fairly. By the way, Frank said its a 98% rate of success right now and his office is swamped. Go get it! If you want to speed the process, fill out the paperwork, mail it to him and ask him if he feels he would grant you a CCW should your background check come up ok. Like I said,
He is easy to talk to and a pleasure to deal with. Or just call him and see what he considers good cause. And I highly recommend the Martinelli and associates qualification course. Dr Martinelli is a wonderful instructor and fun to talk to.
Good luck everyone!
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