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Originally Posted by wildhawker View Post
I'll thank him when he follows his own advice and stops enforcing unconstitutional laws already on the books. Until then, this is just political grandstanding with no real risk.

This is special. I've always been of the opinion that officials, by in large, don't get to choose what they enforce. That's up to the People and the courts. What he's enforcing went through the procress afforded to become law. It wasn't some edict handed down by some exec. We give Obama and Cammila Harris grief for picking and choosing what to enforce. SCOTUS has been pretty clear that states can regulate within bounds. Some states have gotten their hand slapped for stepping out of bounds. If something is regarded as out of bounds, take it to court.

This is not the "easy politics" portrayed. I can gaurantee this letter will be used against him if/when he comes up for re-election. He'll be painted by some as uncaring about "the children".
Dems are better at corruption cuz they have so much practice.

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