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After reading Sheriff Sniffs letter to difi, I sent an email to him thanking him.

my letter-

"I just wanted to thank you for supporting law abiding gun owners in our county with the memo you sent. Though I seriously doubt it would make any difference to her.

I also clearly recall, you were the first Sheriff to send a memo regarding "SB249" the 'bullet button' introduced by Sen Yee. I read that memo with pure delight!

I will continue to support you in future elections because of your actions trying to stop new bad laws.

However, I must also point out that your current Concealed Carry License policies, though better than before, are still not up current State standards. The extra forms, and recommendation letters, and "self defense" alone is not "good cause", causes me some hesitation.... Though I fear someone worse taking the helm if you were to retire or not be re elected. I do believe a few people in some pro gun organizations will continue legal actions to force conformity in time... Organizations that I donate to. I *assume* they will get that fixed when they get around to it...

As such, I will still vote for you, put your sign in my yard, and on my work van I drive all over town next election, like I said I would in my last "thank you" letter, sent regarding your SB249 memo.

Best Regards,
(my name)"

the reply-
"(my name)Thanks for the note and comments, but our CCW process has not really changed over time since I took office in 2007, we have nearly 1,000 CCWs out and are still growing. Well over 95 percent of applicants are approved and we get nothing but kudos on our CCW unit. Our CCW process fully meets state stds and law and is defensible to the public I serve. This is a very liberal state where gun rights (including CCWs) are under increasing attack - just watch the incoming gun control battles this Spring. "

So.... It seems like Brandon and crew still have some work to do.

I will be applying soon in Riv, and with my good cause, I do expect it to be approved, even with these "extra" steps involved.

I sent a reply back....

"Sheriff Sniff,

I thank you for your time. I was surprised to get a personal response, as I expect you are a very busy man.

My understanding of the current CCW policy is, that it is actually not "up to par", as it exceeds state standards. I have heard nothing but great things about the officers that run the CCW unit from quite a few people. However, your department has so far, refused to release "good cause" statements requested under the Freedom of Information Act, has several pages of forms above and beyond the state standards, and requires three recommendation letters also beyond the state standards.

I will be applying for carry in the near future. I do believe even with these "extra" steps, that I would be approved for my good cause. Which of course remains to be seen until my application is turned it. I'm not worried about it under current policies.

Regardless, the people who try to further our rights, and bring departments into state compliance have not forgotten about Riverside County. It is simply on the "back burner".

People like Gray Peterson, Brandon Combs, Bill Wiese and the volunteers at Cal Guns Foundation have been busy with other more important issues, but they haven't forgotten.

Riverside is on the back burner for now, because though it doesnt yet comply with California standards, (exceeding them) there are other, far more oppressive counties which take up their time.

Though I most certainly agree, we have far worse things to worry about with this legislative session.

I'm far more concerned about these new events than the state of CCW in Riverside County.

I sincerely appreciate your time and efforts, and I do support you and your actions. I posted on Press Enterprise Dan Bernstein's 'blog' which referred to your letter as "grandstanding". I posted in your defense, and stated this political posturing from the Dem party meeting on gun control Thursday was "grandstanding" and unconstitutional.

Best Regards,
(my name)"

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