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Originally Posted by RoundEye View Post
I'm unsure why there is so much ill will about why this series or that series wasn't chosen and GSSF was.

There are many reasons why GSSF was chosen. The team is being jointly driven by the Calguns Shooting Sports Association which is all about grass roots events for the Calguns Community (getting people out from behind the computer and to the range). By upbeing able to compete as a team you get three individuals out from behind the screen from potentially different walks of life and out to the range to preactice and compete together (there's nothing more frass roots than that). GSSF also creates a level playing field in the Amateur divisions, where you only can be out shot by a better shooter and not a better gun. Cost was also a factor, you can sponsor a three man team in GSSF for less than $200 an event, this including entry fees, and ammunition.

As others have implied, you have to crawl before you can walk. The team 3 gun event in post#13 was $600 per team entry not including ammunition, and you need to compete in two of the three events to even be eligible for the win. I agree with you that multigun is the future of shooting sports, and if things go well, we'll get there, but it's just not going to be for the first step.

With that said if you're upset that you are competitive shooter and feel left out because you don't shoot GSSF, I'm sorry. If things go well, the Amateur team will eventually become Masters and they'll be openings for new shooters. Things may go really well and we may expand to IDPA, USPSA, and 3-Gun for 2014, or they may not and 2013 may be the beginning and the end for Team Calguns. Who knows, but you can easily shoot three matches and become eligible in a short time period, and maybe you'll even win a few guns in the process.
I think what is most upsetting to those of us that are competitive shooters is that if we don't shoot a Glock we are automatically ineligible. Again I understand your desire to have everyone compete as a team, but you can have a team of people at varying skill levels competing in every division of an Action Pistol/USPSA/IDPA/IPSC match with the eventual goal of sweeping all divisions. I know that I personally will never own a Glock (unless they miraculously redesign one that actually fits my hand) so I will never be able to compete in GSSF.

Good luck in your first CGSSA adventure. I will continue my grassroots efforts by taking new shooters to the range, taking new competitors to my local matches, and supporting grassroots shooting sports on CGN, other forums, and through social media.