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Originally Posted by Ronin2 View Post
I was the only person there, instructor included, wearing body armor which for a number of reasons both class specific and in principle, should always be worn IMHO..
Seriously Ronin2, other than TFTT, how many other firearm training outfits have you attended that mandated body armor to be worn by all students?

Look at all the course equipment requirements by all the other firearm training institutions in the list. If you went totally by your safety protocol standard , then most of the training outfits on the list is a Safety Protocol Failure ( spells SPF ... figure that )!

Are you then in the opinion that they are all unsafe and should be avoided, is that then, a true statement?!

In regards to proper safety protocol for firearms training and the use body armor, I couldn't find a legit reference on Google. If you can point me to the right direction that would be great...
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