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Originally Posted by Ronin2 View Post protocols are PARAMOUNT in a beginning class when the instructor/school should be evaluating each student first and foremost on safety concepts adhered to. I have to admit, sadly, that I was VERY disappointed both in the safety protocols, teaching style and dissemination of information. I was the only person there, instructor included, wearing body armor which for a number of reasons both class specific and in principle, should always be worn IMHO.

This instructor promotes his military background (one of the reasons I choose this school) extensively and it is now clear to me that just because someone has, in the words of Col. Jeff Cooper, "seen the elephant" (been deployed to the sandbox/maybe seen combat) and survived, in no way means he can effectively "teach" that skill set to others.
You aren't very specific what isn't safe or exactly what happened.

If you are talking about TASC, its probably the safest classes I have taken and recommended many others including my girlfriend.

If you did run into something unsafe, everyone is a range officer, and the instructor had you guys practice calling it out, not sure why you didn't call it out if it was so unsafe? or stayed? The instructor also recommended time out if you wish to step out for any reasons.

Also the numerous positive reviews on yelp and calguns reflects the level of safety, professionalism, and excellent course material.
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