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Originally Posted by ColdDeadHands1 View Post
What do the "right people" have to say about applying in Santa Clara County? Is it time to fill out paperwork or to eat a sandwich and take a nap?
I'm not among "the right people", nor do I play that part on TV, but my observation is that you might as well take that nap. Santa Clara County is going to be one of the tougher nuts to crack.

The caveat is that I've heard rumors about impending litigation against SCCSO that might move things along faster. But I've been waiting all year for those rumors to amount to something, and so far it's a big, fat nada. For this reason, I'm assuming that it will be at least 3 - 4 years before an average citizen can reasonably hope to obtain a CCW from the SCCSO.

Upshot: take the nap. If something changes, we'll wake you up.

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