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Exclamation List of Free Useful Programs.

I used to work at a computer shop and I know a lot of good free programs out there I thought I would share. I used to have a computer forum too and made a thread like this, I'll try to keep this updated. Please feel free to post or PM, if you no any other programs too. Please let me no if any links are down as well. Another note, most of these programs do have a pay version. If you have any questions just let me no.

Be sure to read and understand how to use each program prior to download!

I would also like to mention all the programs listed are for Windows, Some such as VLC does have a Linux and Mac version but those will not be listed at this time, Thank you.


Anti Virus Programs
(only run one at a time, if you decide to switch COMPLETELY uninstall the other one)

- AVG Free Edition 9.0 Main Site Download

- Avast Free Edition
Main Site Download

Anti Spyware/Adware/Malware
(Run as many as you like, these programs will not conflict.

- Spybot S&E Main Site Download

- MalwareBytes Anti-Malware Main site Download

- Spyware Blaster 4.3 Main site Download

- Bazooka: Adware & Spyware Scanner Main Site Download

- Super antispyware Main site Download

- Ad-Aware Main Site Download

- Windows Defender (Comes with Vista and 7, Download to use with XP) Main Site Download

Computer Cleaner and Registry (Temp files and Registry)

- CCleaner (Crap Cleaner) Main Site Download

- ATF Cleaner Main Site Download

Disk De-fragmentation (Yes windows does have a Disk De-fragmentation program)

- Defraggler Main Site Download

- Auslogics Disk Defrag Main site Download

Firewall (Only run one of these programs at a time)

- Zone Alarm Main site Download

- Comodo Main Site Download

Image Editing and Viewing

- Gimp 2.6 (Compares to photoshop) Main site Download

- Picasa 3 (Image Viewer) Main site Download

- Vallen Jpegger (Image Viewer) Main site Download

Audio and Video

- Itunes Main Site Download

- Songbird (its kinda like Itunes) Main Site Download

- VideoLan VLC Media Player Main site Download

- K-Lite Codec Pack (Includes Media Player Classic) Main Site Download

- Audacity (Audio Editor) Main Site Download

File Archiver (File Manager)

- 7-Zip Main site Download

Word Processing

- Open Office (compares to Microsoft office and all its features, has excel etc) Main site Download

Internet Browsers

- Mozilla Firefox 3.6.8 Main Site Download

- Safari 5 Main site Download

- Google Chrome Main Site Download

- Opera Main Site Download

System Information and Monitoring

- Speccy Main Site Download

- CPU-Z Main Site Download

Partition Managers

- Partition Resizer Main Site Download

- Ranish Partition Manager Main Site Download

- TestDisk Main Site Download

PDF Programs

- Adobe Reader 9 Main Site Download

- Foxit 4.1 Main Site Download

- Cute PDF Main Site Download


Linux Distros

Some people were talking about Linux Distros so I thought I would add this site: its the number one site on seeing ALL the linux distros available. They have a top list of them, well just check it out if your a linux Fan.


P.S. I would like to thank Librarian for making this thread a sticky.

Also as another side note, do not hold me responsible for any damage that may be done to your computer. I am not forcing you to try or use any program listed here, just trying to help.

Will keep this updated as often as possible.
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