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Originally Posted by Spyder View Post
Ok...maybe to rephrase the question. If one were to add seats and belts to the bed of a truck that did not have them, what code would one reference to make sure it was being done legally?
It can't be done. If the area was not designed or intended for passengers, you cannot add seats for passenger transport. The Brat is OK because it came from the factory, any other truck is not. If a car came from the factory with seats mounted to the bumper, that would be legal, but you couldn't strap seats to the bumper of another car. I'll dig up the code, I used to know it.

23116. (a) No person driving a pickup truck or a flatbed motortruck
on a highway shall transport any person in or on the back of the
(b) No person shall ride in or on the back of a truck or flatbed
motortruck being driven on a highway.
(c) Subdivisions (a) and (b) do not apply if the person in the
back of the truck is secured with a restraint system. The restraint
system shall meet or exceed the federal motor vehicle safety
standards published in Sections 571.207, 571.209, and 571.210 of
Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations
The kicker is that if you install seats in the bed of a pickup truck, there is no way you can show compliance with the above bolded sections of Title 49. Those sections deal with crashworthiness, and generally require extensive testing on the part of the manufacturer. The Brat is either grandfathered in, or met those crashworthiness guidelines when it was built. So the bottom line is even if you build a full cage, add 5-point racing harnesses, and a stout frame to bolt the seats down, you won't be in compliance.

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