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Originally Posted by Mustang View Post
I got behind on this project, but finally received the scope back from Hilux, supposedly repaired. Last week I took the rifle to range, where I mounted the HiLux scope and found that the cross hairs were canted about 45 degrees off plumb. Damn!

Has anyone else experienced this problem?

I called HiLux and they explained that I could loosen a couple of screws on one of the rings and plumb the reticle. Has anyone done this before and if so, any suggestions on the best way to make sure the reticle is level?

I went ahead and fired the gun at 25 yds as is and found the rounds hit far to the right. I adjusted the scope until the hits were centered, then moved the target back to 75 yards. I couldn't get the rifle to group very well and finally removed the scope and fired 5 rounds of the Federal Gold Medal Match using the iron sights and was rewarded with an approximate 1" group. So Chuck did a fantastic job with the rifle. Still working with HiLux on the scope.

@75 yards. Pasters covering 25 yard shots, unpasted holes @ 75 yards with scope, small group in upper left shot with iron sights @ 75 yards.

My suggestion is to ditch the Hi Lux. Getting the thing right is a version of Lucy and the football teasing Charlie Brown. Having said that, and I'm going by my own experience assuming the repro is like the originals, loosening the screw will allow you to cant the reticle so it sits square. Don't remove the set screw, just back it out enough to allow the collar to be turned.

If you still have the original scope referenced in 2018, I'd suggest trying to refurbish or at least clean the lenses. These scopes aren't sealed, so opening them up isn't an issue. I've picked up a few Litscherts and Unertls that looked dim as heck or had fuzz on the reticle. You have to be very careful but they often times can be salvaged. I don't have their names but there are folks out there who specialize in repair/refurbish. And you can generally find scopes at gun shows, where they can be inspected before buying.
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