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Prop 63 banned LCMs.
-Lawsuit filed; Judge Benitez said the ban was unconstitutional.
-State appealed to 9CA to attempt to overturn Judge Benitez’ ruling.
-Judge Benitez stayed the execution of the ruling pending appellate review by 9CA. Order to Stay Ruling.

Timeline for further action.

Process list for actions filed.

Future extrapolations:
- CA9: one year to 3-judge panel
- If upheld or overruled, expect an “en banc” hearing (one year)
- If Judge Benitez is overruled, expect a motion to maintain the stay pending appeal to SCOTUS
- If Judge Benitez is upheld, expect the State to ask for continued stay and SCOTUS certiorari.
- One year (2?) for SCOTUS to grant/deny certiorari.
- If cert is granted, add more years.

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