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Originally Posted by SomeGuy75 View Post
I bought all those mags from some guy at the range on April 1, 2019. Never seen him before or since and I canít recall his name. Thatís why they look old...they are used. Prove me wrong.
thats funny, i bought all my mags from someguy too.

was your some guy puereto rican too?

(south park reference in case no one understands, they made fun of all the obvious parents who killed their child but are current unsolved, and had them all blame "some puereto rican guy")
Originally Posted by leelaw View Post
Because -ohmigosh- they can add their opinions, too?
Originally Posted by SoCalSig1911 View Post
Preppers canceled my order this afternoon because I called them a disgrace... Not ordering from those clowns again.
Originally Posted by PrepperGunShop View Post
Truthfully, we cancelled your order because of your lack of civility and your threats ... What is a problem is when you threaten my customer service team and make demands instead of being civil. Plain and simple just don't be an a**hole (where you told us to shove it).
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