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Originally Posted by SoCal1911 View Post
I have chance to buy from a good friend, his Springfield M1A Loaded with NM sites. He is offering to sell it for a very good price. Has may good extras included. I have shot it once or twice and know it is dialed in and a sweet shooter. My favorite rifles are M1, which I have two, and reload for them, and will reload for this one too. I know that the M1A is similar. Would be use for target shooting and just maybe a high power match, if I get back into the matches.

My concern is the future California gun laws, and bans on semi auto rifles and our new Governor. I know no one can predict the future, but I do not want to buy a rifle were I need to register as a AW, and go down the road we had to do with our ARs.
Thoughts ?
Don't buy it if you feel that way. Personally, I'd buy and enjoy shooting it at public ranges in California until I couldn't. If they're going to come for my guns there's little difference between an AFS database entry from any post-2014 long gun DROS and one with the "assault weapon" field set

The legislature passed SB-374 in 2013 which classified all semiautomatic centerfire rifles with detachable magazines as "assault rifles".

Governor Brown refused to sign it because he feared the law being struck down in federal court, taking the rest of California's "assault weapon" laws with it.

Governor Newsom won't show that restraint when it comes to guns because he's driven by emotion from his grandfather threatening to kill his mother with hone then using it to commit suicide.

That law will be back in 2019, will pass the super majorities in both houses, will declare the M1A an "assault weapon" effective January 1, 2020, and will give you until December 31st, 2020 to register it if not converted to a fixed magazine version.

Following the next tragedy, the Democratic legislature and Gavin Newsom will come together in a show of gun-banning unity and add a "readily converted" definition clause or extend the "assault weapon" definition to include all semiautomatic rifles if they don't ban them as a new class of weapons like .50 BMG rifles.

They're evil, not stupid; so I'd expect a new category which will allow PC 30600 and PC 30605 to stand if struck down in court.

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