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Originally Posted by mikeyr View Post
I am now a life get rid of the solicitations since I didn't know I could opt out, I gave them my FAX number as my contact phone (yes I still have a FAX machine and dedicated line to it for my work) and since I own my domain, I created a special e-mail address just for the NRA that I can delete anytime

I actually assumed I could opt out somehow but I also didn't believe it would work since it never works for spammers and I would not trust the NRA to fully opt me out. I do get stuff in snail mail but its not like it was in the 1970-80s where it seemed to be a daily letter in the mail, now its manageable.
Thanks for the Life Membership.
The opt out works great. No need to be so clandestine. I have chosen to receive all the mail, as I like to know what the organization is doing and what they are communicating to it's members. But your life, do with it as you choose!
But don't stop giving. It costs money to beat back the Bloombergs of the world. Try to dedicate 5 bucks a month to the ILA. Or send in a check and write in the memo section, "For Training Only"! (Whatever section you want)
Better to have it and not need it then to need it and not have it.
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