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HAH!!! So, yea... I called an old college buddy of mine who works for DFG in that area. Haven't talked to him in a couple years, but since his name was on some of the cites issued up there, he knows exactly what's going on. No, there was not a single citation written for lead ammo.

Like I said, there was some written for shooting steel targets where only paper and clay are allowed. Apparently that's under a code section 550? Not sure which book though, whether fish and game code or the title 14 that I got my hunting related ticket many many moons ago under. I gave him siht about the steel targets and said it was BS, and also said it was awesome that people were getting tickets for shooting televisions and freezers and computer monitors and all the other junk up there.

Lead ammo is perfectly fine for target shooting, even on DFG land. At this point. (I wouldn't be at all surprised if some time in the future that changes, but for now, we're all free to use lead ammo).

So again, your boss is either lying, sorely misinformed, confused, or ignorant. Whichever it is, HE IS FLAT OUT WRONG, and there were not any citations issued for lead ammo at Spenceville rifle range.

Please stop using factually incorrect sensational headlines and stories that are flat out wrong, to scare people in to believing things that aren't true.

OP, You may as well be the one on the news saying that the shoulder thing that goes up is deadly, and that heat seeking 50 caliber bullets are used to shoot down airplanes, and talking about automatic 30 caliber clips.
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