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Originally Posted by nine mil thrill View Post
edgerly, yes my boss witnessed it.
Then your boss is lying, sorely misinformed, confused or ignorant. There were no citations issued for target shooting with lead bullets. Plain and simple. He may as well say that people were given speeding tickets for driving red cars. Or call your semi-auto PA10 an assault rifle. Or your Sig a Glock.

Trash, litter, and shooting televisions and other junk? Hell yes, and I'll say again, GOOD. But no one was cited at a target range for lead bullets. I guarantee it.

I did hear of a guy who was cited for a wildlife violation for shooting steel targets, which I think is complete BS if it was done safely. But, range rules (which are clearly posted) say "paper and clay only".

Originally Posted by Dutch3 View Post
I would also like more information. I shoot at Oroville often, which is also within a wildlife area and managed by DFW.

There are signs there stating 'paper or clay targets only', but nothing about non-lead ammunition.
Oroville is fine to shoot lead ammo, don't worry. Just stick to paper and clay targets, as is allowed, and you'll be fine. I've shot tens of thousands of rounds there, plenty of those next to a green DFG truck while BS'ing with the wardens, and never had an issue. The dude next to me who set up glass bottles and shot them...well, he had an issue.

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