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Originally Posted by AZoneZenSeeker View Post
Just got my NRA hat and membership card.
Back in the mid 60's I would go out with my dad and shoot my shotgun and my grandfathers Winchester Model 94 in the washes of Mentone in So Cal. Having a gun seemed no more evil than having a golf club. It was just fun. Life happened, army, collage, work, family, etc and I didn't have time/money for shooting. I recently decided that shooting would be a good hobby and went to purchase a handgun for target fun and personal defense in these trying times. That's when I got a shock on what had happened to California laws while I was paying no attention. Keeping my own gun locked up in my own home! Locked in trunk just to drive with it! Cannot even get a license to carry for "personal defense".
It may not be perfect, but, I had to join NRA.

Great honest tale of truth! We are getting them back, one at a time.

Better to have it and not need it then to need it and not have it.
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