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Originally Posted by BigBamBoo View Post
Ok...a couple of someone else some quality ammo. Black Hills 50gr Vmax shoots pretty darn good in just about anything. Or go all out and get some Fed. 69gr BTHP Match ammo.

Next....slow down. Take every shot as if it is the ONLY shot. Do not pay attention to where on the target the bullets are other words do not try and correct for a high hit or low hit...just shot for a group by aiming at the exact same place each time.

After that...maybe look at some trigger work...a heavy trigger is a small group killer.

And last....shoot LOTS...the more you shoot...the better you will get.

Take care,Stan
Thanks for all the info guys! I'll give all your suggestions a try. I've actually got a JP trigger in it, so I'm sure it's operator error

Lastly, I'd really like to upgrade to something with a little more magnification from the TA11F (3.5x). My eyes are bad and I have a hard time shooting out to 100 yards (on that particular target).
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