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Well, it will be interesting to see what happens with people who own full size Glocks,HK,Beretta, Springfield, etc handguns that original equipment STANDARD CAPACITY mags were 14-17 rounds- go shooting with 10 rounders.... it is IMPOSSIBLE to make a single stack mag for these that will allow insertion and removal into the gun...... but that is what 'they' want.....

I have no 'hicap' magazines, I only own 'STANDARD CAPACITY magazines, IE what the guns were MADE TO USE AS MANUFACTURED.... Some POS DOUCHEBAG deciding how more than 10 makes a 'hicap' is the problem....... now it could be argued that a 100 round drum, 50 round stick,etc that is NOT std cap 'could be' a 'hicap' because it is , in most cases , more than what was originally designed for the firearm....... The law, if nothing, needs to be changed to 'anything OVER the STD CAPACITY DESIGNED for a firearm is a hicap.....'..... it would at least mean FACTORY MAGAZINES OR REPLACEMENTS would be legal........

I mean, What is a person to do, chop the grip of a G22 to the length of a 30,26,etc mini glock???

There is so much F****CKING SUCK here it is mind boggling........
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