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Wow! I'm from the UK and came across this site and it's certainly an eye opener for me. Guns are banned in UK apart from very few that get a licence for shooting clubs etc but most people never see, let alone fire a gun here. Only special firearms units have guns in our police force too and luckily gun crime is very low. It's becoming more common in inner city street gangs and more often than not, foreign gangs. Jamaican 'Yardies' having taken it to a whole new level in the fericity and ruthlessness. Not wishing to offend and I realise these pics are years old, but seeing the poster's names as 'Krazy', 'problem child' etc t's almost quite disturbing. I know you American's are proud and very protective of the Second Amendment that protects the right to keep and bear arms, and with the level of gun crime I can understand this but it is also the cause. Assault rifles are battle weapons and nobody needs those. Handguns, yes but it's time it was sorted. I hate Piers Morgan, he's an embarrassment to the UK but he talks sense on this subject. Great pictures everybody and fascinating reading.
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