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Originally Posted by Metal God View Post
My thinking on put where you want it and leave it alone goes back to my sarcastic post above about having a light mounted on the rifle when at the range around noon . Or a laser , lets say you want it on the rifle along with the light at home for SD/HD . How ever when you go to the range you don't need either do to the type of shooting you'll be doing or just don't want the extra weight to lug around all day .

What if you only have one of something that you want to rotate from firearm to firearm

oops I'm still writing , I clicked submit accidentally .
I don't know about others but, me personally I'd like to have all my rigs with its own WeaponLight, so I don't need/want to swap from rifle to rifle, I do agree on the weight being added or at the range during noon not using it, kinda got over that and just went with it, it doesn't bother me at all..
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