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Originally Posted by firefly416 View Post
Yeah I think this whole M-Lock vs Keymod debate is bull****. There is no "best". There is only what is best FOR YOU. No one way is best for everyone. Plus, we need to stop looking to the military for what gun gear to buy. Just buy what you want and stop letting others dictate to you what is "best".

Both systems work and are readily available.

Just because "the military uses it" rarely equates to "the best". Folks need to stop using the military as a reason to buy anything.

* I would take my Kuiu and Sitka hunting gear any day over military issue.
* I will keep my Kenetrek boots.
* Military camping gear sucks.
* My precision rifles are far better than anything the military issues.
* I have many ARs that are better quality than what Colt sells the military.
* I shoot far better bullets than the military uses.
* Most of my pistols are better than a Beretta M9.
* This list could go on for days and include everything from sunglasses to ink pens.

Point is; most of us have the luxury of living outside the confines and limitations of the military bureaucracy, so why try to emulate it?

Get what you like regardless of what the military thinks. You can usually do better.
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