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Originally Posted by Xanthippus View Post
Keymod is not dead, contrary to what people have said here and other places. It is dead in the eyes of the military, NOT SO on the commercial market. Brand new firearms continue to be released using Keymod.

MLock is hardly used in the commercial market because Magpul demands royalties, they own the patent.

And honestly, both work. I've used both, they both work fine. If they're not working for you, you're the problem, not it. That said, I personally like how MLock looks better. Keymod looks.... eh. But that's just personal flavor. Both function fine for my intended purposes.... which is running and gunning, self defense, and just plinking fun. I'm not in a warzone, nor are any of us held to the scrutiny of the bureaucratic nightmare that is military purchasing.

For NOW, Keymod is the smarter choice, i.e. much more variety on the market. Perhaps in the future, MLock will take the lead.
While MLok is patented, Magpul lets other companies use it free.

Q: Is the M-LOK design patented?
A: The M-LOK system is patent pending, however, this is only to protect against similar
systems and counterfeits causing incompatibility and confusion in the marketplace.
The system will remain free and open for all to use, providing items are built within the
published standards.
I will never buy another Spikes Tactical item, as I have a 5.45 marked barrel from them with a 5.56 bore that keyholed at 25 yards, and they wouldn't replace it.

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