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Originally Posted by Jerry1834 View Post
Nice presentation! Like Jedi54 stated a little higher gun and you will probably shave some time.
Originally Posted by Jedi54 View Post
This is all about economy of motion so watch your support hand after you've stripped the magazine. Look at the trajectory you take when inserting the mag and racking the slide.
That's what you want.
the motion to lock and strip is really no different than inserting and racking so keep that hand closer to your body as it's smoother all the way through.

I cannot stop thinking about it. Since I already signed-off work, I re-visited Brad Ackman's dry practice video (he has his 1911 up high)...

I then took out my G34. Pointing in a safe direction, verified it is clear, proceed to dry practice up until the 3-racks. I consciously kept in mind:
  • Higher up in the workspace just like doing a speed reload.
  • Support hand closer to the body
  • Stripping the magazine doesn't mean extending my arm out to throw it.

Yeah, even it's a bit awkward (am not used to it, yet) - it definitely feels more precise, faster, smoother, and most probably safer. Like as you gentlemen have said - it is no different than loading the magazine and doing a rack.

I will try again in my regular session tomorrow morning with a belt, and check myself up until the reload and point/assess.

Thank you!!!

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