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Originally Posted by Handshaker View Post
haha i dont really give a rip, just wanted to see if you would get your panties in a bunch, lol, mission accomplished. Ok Mr tree hugger, i will make you a bet of 100 dollars cash you are wrong about it being illegal to relocate wild life. Call the fish and game Monday, if you can prove its legal, i will send you a paypal gift of 100 bucks, but if you are( and i know you are) wrong you send me the 100, Deal? I am calling you out on public forum, do you have the balls the make that bet? I guess your not man enough to admit when you are wrong. Ah nothing like a nice debate...
Ya sure - give them a call. Whatever you say son. Lemme know when you get that done ... I'm right here.

Nothing like a good CGN web-rage "I'm calling you out, 100$ bet, you don't have the balls" on a Saturday morning ... who says that crap on a public forum and for what? The word is 'hysteria' - please look it up, it is possible that you can cure yourself. I hope you can get that fixed.

However, until then ... I am entertained by your hysterics this boring Saturday morning that I got called in to work because the other guys sister died last night
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