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Originally Posted by Jimi Jah View Post
Henry's Golden Boy .22LR is more accurate than their centerfire models with exception of the Long Rangers. On sale at Turners. Order it on line and wait... until Turners sends you a extra $10 off coupon.

It's truly an excellent rifle. I used a Leupold 33mm 2x7 scope on mine because of tired eyes. It's rather accurate for a .22 and cheap/fun to shoot. I'm going out with it in a few minutes, I have a carton of crappy Thunderbolts to waste.
Hmm, that's the second time I've read here that Henry center fire lever guns don't seem to be accurate. Don't believe it. Mine are certainly very accurate as lever rifles go. Ask 200Apples or golfish. I know a number of Henry shooters that are very pleased with their Big Boy rifles. Jimi Jah, just asking; do you own/shoot a Henry center fire lever rifle? Henry's are as accurate as any other lever rifle out there.

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