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Originally Posted by 50 yarder View Post
AAR, what about next year's birthday?
Suggestion: w/o cancelling anything this year, start thinking a year ahead. What animals would you be interested in hunting?
Where would you be willing to go?
Who might you do this with?
Develop a few options.
Off-season recon trips to local areas can be a lot of fun. Where can you have a whack at deer, pigs, coyote or SQUIRRELS w/o a guide and w/o leaving the state? (Yes, it's slim pickings.)
What gun/cartridge will you need?
Want to stay w/ your current rig? You're looking at small game, small non-game and varmints. Mind you, in CA it'll be unleaded ammo: what ammo/hand loads and how will your gun group them? Some testing is in order. Maybe need a new (longer/heavier) upper?
Go out and have fun this year, and springboard off of that with some reading, talking, planing and budgeting for next year. The planning and equipment development is half the fun.

Yeah, if this trip goes well I'll be planning next year too
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