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Do you already have a license? If not, you will need to show proof of having passed a hunter safety class or having held a prior hunting license....there may be other options to fulfill this requirement, so let Google be your friend.

If your hunting partner will carry a firearm, they should have a license and tag too.

The guides I have used will not agree to guide you hunting Boar with the .223/.556...the will want something more substantial such as .308, 30-06, .270, etc. You might find some guides that don't care, but you should.

[Pause here to allow those with stories of taking a 250# Boar at 150 yards with a 22 LR to chime in with their fairy tales].

Going with a guide is a good idea. With the right guide, you will learn a lot and can go with minimal gear.

You should have a suitable sighted in rifle, lead free ammo, binoculars, and large ice chest at a minimum. A good skinning knife and sharpening stone will be good to have, though you might want to buy those for your second trip since you will be surprised at the skinning and breakdown gear your guide uses and will want to maybe buy the same.
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