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Originally Posted by Handshaker View Post
You do know its illegal to relocate wild life in calif, right? Dont let a ranger catch you doing it. For all those tree huggers out there. Relocated wild life has a death rate of 75% and usually die a slow painful death.
Haha WRONG ...!

I have pics of relocated rattlesnakes year after year at/or around the den where I relocated them. They are clearly identified by the blotch patterns on their backs and side panels.

They absolutely positively live good healthy lives when relocated. Why did I spend enormous time and energy to take detailed pics, log each one with names and dates? Because I too questioned if they will survive. My extensive research is complete and is confirmed. Relocating rattlesnakes is good for their well being.

If you want to create false reasons for not relocating, it’s not necessary ... just dispatch the rattlesnake and be done with it. Or ... relocate these amazing creatures they deserve it.

And ... it’s NOT illegal to relocate rattlesnakes. Gee-manee... really??? Gimme-a-break!
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