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Originally Posted by sealocan View Post
I don't know of a good a good air shotgun to recommend but let me repeat a suggestion I've given before to with anyone with an issue with rodents or snakes.

Put up lots of owl boxes/ owl nests (very easy to make yourself or you can buy them online).
once owls are in your neighborhood they will stay there continue willing to raise their young ones in that area, unless you run out of mice and snakes.

Let nature's professional night Hunters go out and hunt for you at the same time night when the snakes are out doing their nighttime hunting.

Even if the snakes they are just killing the smaller ones it will mean less big snakes down the road for you. Another plus is instead of wasting that meat once you shoot it, this method would help feed your young upcoming night Hunters.

I think the great horned owl is the one you want to attract for the larger snakes but any type is better than nothing.
LOL.....did I ever tell you guys the time a owl decimated my GF's heeler pups. She had most of them sold already too. One owl took out 5 of 7 pups in 1 over night time period.
Owl's might not be a good idea if you have very small dogs.
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