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Default TC Compass Modifications

Just installed the M*Carbo TC Compass Trigger Spring Kit. Comes with a hunting and bench rest main trigger spring, I chose the bench rest one.

I had previously put in one of my own mod springs (a cut down AR15 LPK Mag catch spring). That worked but gave me more like 1.5lbs and I never went to shoot it, maybe a little light and I couldnít adjust anymore than that.

This kit is great, about 2lbs or so to start all the way loose, can tighten up from there if wanted. (Disclaimer: I do not have a good pull weight scale, used a pound of butter and string actually... need to work on that, YMMV)

Four new springs in the kit, you choose and use three.

Highly recommend this! (I have not shot it yet, but itís a nice trigger in the garage!)

About $26 shipped to me I think it was.

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