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Default TC Compass Modifications

Now for the foreend stock stiffener. I added another sling attachment here, Ching sling style. If you do the same, probably want to locate this about an inch closer together, I think I got mine too far from the front one. I planned to use this point when the bipod is installed but it’s still a little barrel heavy to actually carry it across back this way with closer attach point.

Added epoxy support for that sling post. The stock wall is pretty thin.

Rough up the inside of the stock channel with a tool, sandpaper, whatever. I used Dremel.

Mix the black plastic weld epoxy and more BBs and start to fill in the stock areas. This epoxy claims 5min work time, I honestly thought it was more like 75sec until starting to get stringy and un-spreadable do work fast in small batches.

Cap off over the top with more epoxy, filling as solidly as you can, fill voids. Maybe use multiple coats over different days, I did the BBs first day, overcoat second day.

Cure 24 hrs, then start to fit and clear the way again for proper free float. I’m going with the space necessary for this sticker, didn’t measure it, it fit nicely before I started so going for the same.

Using sanding wheel end of Dremel, a bit of hand work here. Working toward using the preexisting stock webs to guide here, expose the tops of each.

Final sanded surface, fit check.

Go! Or polish this smoother if you care, I’m good here for test.

It is definitely heavier, better balance from the stock fill silicone, I forgot to weigh the overall gun or the stock before starting so I could weigh it final but need someone else to weigh a factory stock taken off the gun to get a delta.

This epoxy is still outgassing and stinking up my gun safe a week later... just an FYI for planning, some outdoor activity and heating it up some with use might help.

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