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Originally Posted by SonofWWIIDI View Post
Was/is a great show! Still watch it sometimes on METV 3:00am, preceded by mission impossible, and followed by 12 o'clock high!
So do I, I record every episode. The first 3 seasons had the best content in my opinion. They tried to tell it like it was for the WW2 grunt honestly, at least as much as they could in the early/mid 1960s (No profanity, heads getting blown off) When they went color in the 1966/67 season It took something away as far as the gritty realism IMO but it's still is an authoritative war drama TV series because it was produced written and directed by veterans and they got a lot of support from the Department of the Army (Real tanks and other gear) Being an Air Force Vet 12 o'clock high is also the bomb (almost literally) Real B-17s and excellent drama. I was stationed at one of the old WW2 bomber bases in England. RAF Lakenheath so it's sort of personal to me.

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