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And here’s the one I finally found that did

With the necessary parts in the receiver, up next was timing of the bolt closing and magazine releasing. As it happens, this part of the process presented my second challenge of the day: mine simply wouldn't time at all. The test block just wouldn't lock in at all, ever. After attempting a few tweaks, Chris eventually suggested swapping bullet guides with a different one from the bin and sure enough, it timed in perfectly after that.

Somewhere during all this, we enjoyed a delicious BBQ lunch and great conversation. Something about an event like this that shouldn't be overlooked is the opportunity to get to know other like-minded collectors and enthusiasts. I really enjoyed getting to know the guys around me, and learn more about them. I flew in from California for this, and as you might imagine I stuck out like a sore thumb among all the southerners. I got pelted with more than my fare share questions about living in California as a fan of military history and firearms, and as a strong second amendment supporter in general. But even so, I never felt like a stranger or was made to feel unwelcome. On the contrary, it was quite refreshing to be reminded the rest of the country hasn't gone batcrap crazy, and that sanity still reigns in much of our great nation. In the end, each of us were there for the same reasons, and all share the same love and passion for these guns. And through that, I made friends I hope to keep for a long, long time to come.

Now came the stocks, and here was the one and only time we didn't get to pick our own parts. Logistically speaking it just isn't feasible to have 20 guys clamoring for the same piece of wood, and since these are all new production anyway its simply better for everyone to play with the cards they’re dealt. So John had us line up single file, he reached into the boxes, pulled and you got what you got. And honestly, I didn't see a single stock I wouldn’t have been proud to own. They were all gorgeous in their own right. Here’s a picture that shows the one I ended up with. Simply beautiful.

Here's John using a custom jig he developed to easily shave down a key area in such a way that ensures a very nice solid and tight fit:

And after some final fitting and tweaking, I became the proud pappa of my very own Special Grade Garand.

Friday, Day Three:
Today was all about accurizing and test firing. But before that, yesterday we would have normally toured the CMP Store as part of the class schedule. However, as it happens a week or two before we arrived the CMP had announced a special release of a limited number of International Harvesters that would be for sale at the store on Thursday. As expected, folks started camping out at the store the night before, and by Thursday morning the line was around the corner. We decided Wednesday to skip the tour on Thursday as a result, and in exchange the store manager offered to open early special for us Friday morning. In addition, he told us of a small batch of rack grade SA receivers he'd have for sale, not yet announced to anyone.

And so it was that I spent Friday morning drooling like a kid in a candy store. I ended up finding a couple of receivers that would have been a bargain at twice the prices, several tools, clips, and a bunch of other little stuff. And even though the store shelves were relatively empty, I was still overwhelmed. You just don't see stuff like this where I live.

"This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave." - Elmer Davis

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