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If at all possible, try using "natural" terrain features to funnel any incoming forces into a predetermined area that willl give your group the best possible fields of fire toward them. I say natural in that any obstacles in their way should be made from, or be made to look like naturally occuring features so that in a passing glance, it all looks like undefended wilderness. In a dry desert environment, plants with sharp spines like cactus and yucca will keep foot traffic funneled in the direction you want them to go in. You just need to plant or relocate enough of it to create large areas of terrain not friendly to foot traffic. Amidst the plants you could even camoflage some steel "Czech Hedgehogs" to prevent passage by large off road vehicles.

Close to the house, you may even want the access road to gradually slope downward into a depression over the course of 100 yards or so until it gets deep enough near the house to prevent vehicles or people from getting out of it without either proceeding forward or backwards down the road. At the end of this road should be a gun pit heavily armored with steel and well camoflaged that allows a good field of fire down into the road. This would allow heavily concentrated fire into the choke point without much risk of injury from return fire. Being essentially stuck in a ditch aligned right into a pill box would leave any attacking force with only their vehicles for cover, which could quickly be immobilized and rendered useless. Some Molatov cocktails tossed in from the flanks could pretty much take the fight out of anyone who is left.
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