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Originally Posted by Bakersfield_Grizzly View Post
Thank you, excellent advice, I think you have the scenario right, but that was not what the original thread was about. I think you hit the nail on the head with the planter suggestion. Really a great idea. And I think, exactly what was asked for in the original thread.

On the other idea, what kind of bullet proof panels are you suggesting, steel plate or hardwood? Or something more exotic?
Actually it was, the OP just took some time to provide all the details of his "theoretical" situation.

Bullet proof as in whatever you can afford or find. Steel plate would be the cheapest (though that is a VERY relative term) with some type of Kevlar composite panels being the top of the cost factor I would imagine. You would have to use a significant thickness of wood to ensure reliable protection from penetration. I would imagine at least 4" of oak, which would intrude into the living space quite a bit.

Of course if the bad guys brought a rifle in 50BMG or AP ammo then all bets are off.
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