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Originally Posted by JMP View Post
On of the fads that I am not understanding is this concept of a full Quad tube rails on a bolt rifle. This always results in needing an extra-high mount for the bell of the scope to clear. Really, it's only purpose is for a clip on auxillary scope like a night vision scope, which isn't common for folks to use. If you use one, then you need REALLY high mounts for your primary scope. I am not a small clearance fanboy, but the full rail becomes quite a nuisance for mounting scopes if you do not specifically want it there as you do not have an option of reducing bore height other than cutting the rail.

That's just one of the considerations that I'd lay out there for a new person if you are planning on use a full-sized scope.
To be fair, you're already having to mount the scope high on this rifle anyway due to the position of the stock in relation to the receiver. But the same could be said about lots of things, such as people wanting handguards with 4' of rail on an AR with nothing mounted to it.
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