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Originally Posted by brian.243 View Post
Yeah there is so much history in southern California
It truly was an amazing place
It's a shame the direction it has turned

My dad has a old marlin 93 or 94 in 25-20 it was an awesome little rifle
I haven't seen it since he moved to idaho
That little rifle is why I love the 25-20
That's really cool; there is something special about family heirlooms, and firearms in particular. The .25-20 is well suited to small lever guns, and is a joy to use. Not everything has to always be "bigger, badder, better", some are simply enjoyable on the smaller scale.
Hoping that someday you get to find the .25-20 you are looking for; maybe the rifle your father has will come back to you.
Because this is a "Henry" thread, does anyone have a Henry in .25-20?
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