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Definitely not something you see every day.

The fact that they are #1 and #2 is kind of a big deal to collectors. However those guns really need to be in the NRA Museum and I doubt they will sell to a private party for that price or anything close.

People sometimes put a high price on "Perceived Significance." The real value of those guns is what "Winchester" would be willing to pay to get them back. If Winchester or more properly FN wouldn't be willing to buy them back, then really they have no value beyond that of an old M70, and certainly not even close to the asking price.

But my first question would be,,, Why would Winchester ever ship out #1 or #2 in the first place? This reeks of counterfeit.

Guns like that would normally be put in the Makers Museum or NRA Museum, or engraved and given to a President.

Not shipped to some Podunk Hardware Store.

I also question the use of an Electric Pencil to number the guns? I have some old guns and none of them were marked with an Electric Pencil,,, they were Metal Stamped.

Interested to see what happens here.

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