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Default Springfield 1903 What ammo do you use?

Originally Posted by rhinoortiz View Post
I am starting to realize this now that ks to all the responses. It seems to be pretty on par with the standard.
I dont think bedding was mentioned and until you just said that I've never even thought to check on this rifle. The stock definitely touches at the end of the forend. It's for sure not fully free floated. Maybe I'll try clearanceing the stock a bit and see if that helps also.

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No! Donít clearance the stock until you look into how it should sit, it should have contact at the band but be light and relatively easy to push away from.

Like this (not my video, posted publicly by user and linked from the CMP forum)
Stock pressure like this

Upper hand guard rear ring loose like this

In order to get that ring loose you may have to carve the stock at that point, and in order to get that light upward pressure you may have to adjust elsewhere along barrel, it shouldnít touch most of the way just there at the band and the receiver.

I recently re-stocked my 1903-A3 that was sporterized by previous owner and I havenít been able to yet get both of those conditions... but it looks good.

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